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Finanze Capital launches 90-day bridge-to-let product

Finanze Capital has unveiled a new OMV 90-day bridge-to-let option, offering loans up to £5m on residential investment properties in England and Wales.

The product offers an initial bridging loan based on market value (or split value for clients doing a title split), which can be exited after three months onto a BTL facility at full aggregate value.

If a client requires additional time for the bridging portion to, the initial duration can be extended to meet borrower’s needs.

The product’s lending process comprises a single application, valuation and streamlined legals.

The product’s rate is 15.14% per annum for the three-month bridging and the first 12 months of the BTL portion, moving to a 6.39% five-year fix afterwards.

“[It’s] great to get the Finanze Capital OMV 90-day bridge-to-let facility live,” said Alastair Hoyne, CEO and founder of Finanze Capital (pictured above).

“[This is] a great new product from the minds behind Finanze Group to help clients with a confirmed exit option when buying BMV or where they are title splitting, along with the opportunity to exit earlier and save on interest costs.

“Having tested the waters with this new product over the last month, we are blowing up with inquiries.”

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