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Coventry City Council aiming to launch consultation to renew additional licensing scheme for HMOs

Coventry City Council is set to launch a 12-week consultation on proposals to renew its city-wide additional licensing scheme for HMOs to improve the management and living conditions for tenants.

The consultation will give landlords, tenants and other residents the chance to have their say on how the council plans to improve housing management and conditions as well as on measures to reduce crime.

Coventry has among the highest number of HMOs compared to other local authorities in England and Wales — around 6,800 or 26% in the PRS.

Cllr David Welsh, cabinet member for housing and communities, said: “HMOs are part of the housing mix and if they are well managed and well looked after they can be a real positive for the people that live in them.


“We think our additional licensing scheme, [which we introduced] in 2020, has helped us to improve standards for tenants and for people living nearby and its work we want to continue.

“There are many good landlords in Coventry running private rented HMOs but there are also landlords who don’t maintain their properties to the standard we, and local people, would expect.  

“This is why we want to extend the city-wide additional licensing for a further five years from 2025 to 2030, so I hope people will take some time to have their say.”

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