Digital BTL Calculator is designed to assist brokers.
news | Over 1 year ago | Elliot Topham

West One launches new BTL calculator

West One has introduced a new digital BTL calculator to support brokers in assessing how much their landlord clients can borrow ahead of making a full application.

The calculator is designed to speed up cases and offer intermediaries a guide to share with their clients.

The calculator is for illustrative purposes and does not take into account possible fees nor constitute as an offer of credit.

Credit applications are still subject to underwriting and the maximum loan size may differ from the indicative figures provided by the tool.

For loans over £1.5m, brokers are encouraged to contact West One directly for bespoke pricing.

Andrew Ferguson, managing director of the BTL division at West One, said: “This new digital tool will hopefully make brokers’ lives easier by giving them an indication of how much their BTL clients may be able to borrow in just a few clicks.

“The service is easy to use and should help to speed up cases in the long run by providing brokers and their clients with useful insight before they decide whether or not to make a full application.”


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